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Electric Efficient Glass Tempering Furnace

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Ultra-energy-saving Glass Tempering Furnace

5mm electric consumption is only 2.5kw.h/sqm

General Information

Application Fields: Architecture&Furniture, Automobile Industries and Household Appliances, etc.

Heating Mode: Radiation heating and convection heating as option.

Glass type suitable: On-line Low-E Glass, Ultra Clear Glass, Screen Printed Glass, Pattern Glass, Tinted Glass, Clear Glass, etc.

Finished product conforms to

1) America Standard: ANSI Z97.1-2004

2) EU standard: EN12150-1:2015,BS EN12600

3) China National Standard of GB 15763.2-2005

Product Introduction

YTP-S Series Flat Glass Tempering Furnace is a system of easy operation and energy saving. It includs loading table, heating section, unloading table, blowing & cooling system and eletric control system.

One of its main feature is ultra energy saving, for 5mm thickness temper the eletric consumption is only 2.5kwh/sqm due to the special heating control methods and heating elements arrangement and the excellent quenching design.

The YTP-S series has been in the market for 5 years and has undergone 4 generations of changes. The energy-saving performance has been strongly welcomed and widely recommended by customers.


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