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To the friends of deep processing!

To the friends of deep processing!
Respectfully! Still insist on doing glass deep processing industry friends! Salute to you all!
China's high-speed economic bubble development no longer exists, and many industries may have low growth, no growth, and negative growth in the future. But for our glass deep processing industry is definitely negative growth! Because our construction industry is basically a one-time input non-circular economy. Friends and rivals who used to be together are likely to fall or disappear now or in the next few years!
Will you be forced to fall? Or are you ready to quit! Or get ready to fight for your life! I believe that most of my friends have not carefully considered this issue, and most of them still hope that the market will be better after next year, and everyone will have more work to do. I hope everyone can live. The reality is that the market is not going to be better next year, it's definitely not going to be better the year after that, and it's not going to be better in 10 years. In the next few years all industries will enter the forced reshuffle stage, the result is the survival of the fittest!
We should stop and quietly reflect on our hard work over the years and decades. It's a bunch of old equipment and receivables. Because the plant and the land were mortgaged to the bank. So what's our way out? Is it just waiting to die? The answers and results you want are actually in your own hands, and only you can save yourself.
There are no failed industries, only failed companies! It's survival of the fittest. The reform of the country has entered the deep water zone, and our enterprises also have to face the reform. If you do not change, you will definitely die, and disorderly reform will change the death, then how to change? As long as the core is grasped, I think the reform is very simple. Therefore, I would like to make the following suggestions to our brothers who are still insisting on it:
1. Risk control:
(1) Unsparing and comprehensive settlement of receivables, receivables are harmful and beneficial. The receivables will eat your interest, the customer will neglect you because of this, the customer's cash business will flow to the lower price of the peer, if the customer goes out of business directly to you can not recover the risk. We clean up the receivables, and there will be a temporary drop in business. Three months from now, your business will be much better than before.
(2) Glass is a high risk industry, it is necessary to establish the personal safety of employees and the risk of employee labor contracts;
(3) The risk of reasonable tax avoidance (audit);
2. Improve competitiveness. It is about energy conservation, automation, and layoffs:
(1) What hot processing should do is: energy saving + layoffs. Reduce the use of transformers; Tempering furnace energy saving transformation, such as double chamber furnace upgrade, increase the use of low electricity at night to save electricity; It can also reduce staff.
(2) Cold processing to do is: mechanical automation + layoffs: cutting and washing without falling line production, based on existing equipment for transformation; Cutting staff. Make mechanical automation changes, and do not believe in 4.0 intelligent automation.
For example: based on the actual situation, according to their own existing equipment to transform. Cutting machine + bilateral grinding line + cleaning machine to deal with the whole batch of glass (5-6 people per class); Cutting machine + four single-side grinding and turning table connection + cleaning machine to deal with loose glass (5-6 people per class).
3. Strengthen marketing and management:
(1) Strengthen normal sales, screen quality customers, and receive customers from shuttered manufacturers;
(2) Especially to strengthen online marketing, guide customers to place orders online;
(3) Where conditions permit, increase export sales.
(4) Please be kind to your employees, must be downsized, and must be strong;
(5) Introduce training institutions to conduct staff training. Employees without training are our biggest waste. Cultivate employees' sense of ownership.