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Control of heat in glass tempering furnace

Compared with ordinary radiation-heated glass tempering furnaces, the glass tempering furnaces with radiation-heated forced convection technology have obvious advantages, especially when dealing with Low-e glass and glass with special specifications such as grooves and holes, the radiation-heated forced convection tempering furnaces not only heat evenly but also take a short time. At present, glass technology companies have applied nano-coating technology and thermal circulation compressed air convection technology to glass tempering furnaces. Nano-coating technology is to spray the heating wire in the glass tempering furnace with high emissivity and anti-oxidation RSI rare earth nano-coating, so that the energy generated by the heating wire can be more converted into infrared radiation heat transfer to the glass. The heat circulation compressed air convection technology can make the air in the glass tempering furnace have a certain pressure, and it is easier to form the upper and lower gas convection in the furnace, which greatly improves the convection heat transfer ratio in the furnace, and at the same time, the compressed air is preheated by the hot gas discharged from the tempering furnace before entering the furnace, so that the energy is recycled. Compared with the ordinary radiation tempering furnace, the tempering furnace using the above two technologies can save 34% of energy, and the temperature in the furnace is 30 ℃ lower than that of the ordinary tempering furnace.

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