Intelligent operation of tempered glass with a yield of up to 99%

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Analysis of the current situation of the door and window market

We often mention that "there is no off-season market, only off-season ideas; There are no bad industries, only bad companies."
The current domestic door and window market competition has become more and more mature, relying on a single point of advantage to win the era has passed, instead of relying on the brand as the core of the system winning period, into the brand winning stage, competitiveness factors focused on the brand, no brand there is no core competition, there is no foundation for sustainable development. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to rationally judge the quality of products, and they believe in the power of brands.
1. Wealth industry with a total market of 800 billion yuan;
2. China's existing construction area is 46 billion square meters;
3, China's existing doors and Windows area of 11 billion square meters;
4. The replacement of old doors and Windows will add 1 billion square meters every year;
5. Urbanization construction adds 2 billion square meters of doors and Windows every year;
6, the new rural construction of new doors and Windows every year 500 million square meters.