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Suizhong Yuantu Technology: Technology upgrading efforts to solve the pain points of tempered glass production



According to the statistics of authoritative departments, in recent years, there are more than 2000 glass production enterprises active in the domestic tempered glass market, of which there are nearly 100 manufacturers providing supporting equipment services for tempered glass enterprises, such a huge tempered glass equipment demand market, the annual output value has shown a trend of decline year by year. Throughout the current situation of tempered glass production, limited by the level of research and development, the current domestic high-end tempered glass industry is still controlled by foreign imports. In the face of such tempered glass products production status, Suizhong Yuantu technology has always taken the upgrading of science and technology as its own responsibility, constantly improve the production level of tempering furnaces, solve the process difficulties and pain points, and have unique advantages in the domestic market competition and occupy a certain market share.
Such a huge glass products equipment production market, although has the traditional cutting process, a wide range of raw materials, cheap labor and other advantages, but in the quality, variety, packaging and grade with the international level has a certain distance. As far as tempered glass equipment manufacturers are concerned, there are still many potential problems to be further solved. For example, tempered glass still needs to be improved in terms of particle uniformity, particle size number, tempered glass color, finish, flatness, etc. At the same time, some domestic independent research and development and production of tempering furnaces are cumbersome and relatively low efficiency. In addition, it is common among small and medium-sized enterprises in tempered glass production and the low degree of automation, which restricts the further transformation and upgrading of the industry and makes it difficult to achieve a qualitative leap.
In response to this situation, Suizhong Yuantu Technology, which always puts science and technology research and development in the first place, is committed to the innovation of production technology, and has launched a series of products adapted to modern international competition in recent years. Among them, YTP4224-DT type tempering furnace is the most representative, the type of tempering furnace to achieve 4mm~19mm, specifically for building doors and Windows tempered glass, small household appliances tempered glass furnace type, wide range of use, practicality, it is understood that 5mm tempering only 2.5 degrees of electricity.
In addition, while improving equipment technology, Suizhong Yuantu Technology also focuses on research and development on green environmental protection, achieving energy saving and environmental protection of products, and strives to provide the best quality after-sales service for tempered glass manufacturers at home and abroad, and has a good reputation inside and outside the industry, and has become a representative manufacturer of tempered glass equipment production industry. Facing the future, Suizhong Yuentu Technology will continue to focus on the core focus of science and technology research and development, so that more tempered glass equipment advanced technology is applied to practice, to improve the overall level of domestic tempered glass products production to provide more benign help and build a better platform.