Intelligent operation of tempered glass with a yield of up to 99%

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Sustainable development of the world's glass tempering furnace

On the morning of the 20th, came to the booth of Foshan Shike Glass Technology Co., LTD., just after the development time, Shike ushered in the first batch of visiting customers, some of whom have been cooperating for a long time, some of whom are attracted by the new customers, have to inquire about the products of Shike to negotiate.
Yue Qinggong, general manager of Seke, said in an interview with this network reporter that the company focused on the promotion of the exhibition is the independent research and development of forced convection tempering furnace, mainly used for high-quality LOW-E glass, architectural glass, furniture glass and automotive glass processing. One of the forced convection heating horizontal tempering furnace, the upper part of the high temperature fan convection, forced heating of the glass surface, the lower part of the compressed air balance system to balance the heat in the heating furnace, so that the heat in the heating furnace more balanced, improve the uniformity of glass heating. The convective system can shorten the heating time of glass and improve the surface quality and yield of glass processing.
The other double chamber forced convection heating horizontal tempering furnace, using double chamber double convection heating, so that the heat transfer is more uniform, the heating speed is faster, the energy saving effect is significant, and the tempering cooling time is reasonable distribution, reduce the idling time of the fan, to achieve the maximum energy saving effect. This type of tempering furnace lengthens the length of the upper and lower plate table, which can produce super tempered glass.
Shike Glass is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of glass deep processing technology, new technology and supporting equipment manufacturing. Yue has many years of experience in the industry, when talking about the current problems in the glass industry, he said, "At present, the industry competition is fierce, and various enterprises play a 'price war' for the market, disrupting the market order, which is not conducive to the development of the industry." The quality of the product and the price are equal, an excellent product from the design idea, the selection of materials, to the processing and the final product, will certainly cost a huge amount." In response to this problem, how can the glass industry get better development?" In the future, glass products will definitely develop in the high-end direction, and only high-quality products and high-end positioning can promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry."