Intelligent operation of tempered glass with a yield of up to 99%

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Suizhong Yuantu technology tempering furnace: environmental protection, energy saving, stable operation of the enterprise worry free

In recent years, the state has increased the requirements of enterprises in environmental protection, and many tempering furnaces with high power consumption have production problems, and the transformation service of tempering furnaces has received more and more attention. And there are many problems in the tempering furnace industry: the production quality of the tempering furnace is unstable, leading to glass deformation and increasing the cost. Some tempering furnace enterprises pre-sales and after-sales service is not perfect, some after reaching sales, contact difficulties, operational errors and other problems can not be timely feedback and solution, but also to let glass production enterprises develop common problems.
Through investigation, the author found that the glass tempering furnace produced by Suizhong Yuantu Technology has received high praise from many customers. The most representative tempering furnace YTP4224-DS energy-saving tempering furnace, the actual thickness of tempered glass can be 3.2mm~19mm, specially for construction, sliding doors, home appliances and other industries, stable operation, uniform temperature control; The glass has high flatness and good granularity, and the operating cost of the equipment is also very low, with less than 3 degrees of electricity per square meter.