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5mm white glass tempering only uses 2.5 KWH electricity per square meter

Yuantu Technology new generation of energy-saving glass tempering furnace, energy saving effect is remarkable;
Used by many customers and tested by the National Glass Quality Testing Center:
5mm glass tempered only needs 2.5 KWH of electricity per square meter.
If you are a glass factory and have a tempering furnace, you must be very concerned about the power consumption of the tempering furnace;
When you calculate the quotation, accounting for expenses, power consumption is really a big head ah;
How many kilowatt-hours per square meter do you think you are calculating now?
Our tempering furnace 5mm only needs 2.5 degrees of electricity!!!
This is also the bearer of our tailor-made, special aircraft concept.
If you don't know how much electricity your furnace uses per thickness,
Our special tools for programming can provide you with professional and accurate testing.

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