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Industry to capacity supervision to start far-map technology to win the market with energy-saving advantages

Recently, The State Council glass industry to capacity supervision plan has been launched. From February 12 to February 22, the cement and glass industry special action inspection team to eliminate backward production capacity was jointly formed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Safety Supervision Bureau, and went to 31 provinces and cities across the country. Focus on supervising the implementation of documents such as the Guiding Opinions of The State Council on Resolving the Contradiction of Serious excess Capacity, the Guiding Opinions of The General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Stable Growth of the Building Materials Industry, Adjusting the structure and giving benefits, and the Guiding Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment.
In this production capacity supervision plan, in addition to the product quality compliance rate, environmental issues such as enterprise energy consumption are also one of the important indicators of supervision and inspection. In the glass industry, tempered glass, as a kind of safety glass, is a glass category that has developed rapidly in recent years, but the current situation of tempered glass production in China is also eager to control. According to the latest statistics of last year 2016, the current annual constant of tempered glass in China is about 500 million m², the annual power consumption is about 2.6 billion kWh, the huge power consumption is seriously consuming China's power resources, but also seriously endangering the natural environment on which human survival.
In this industry background, glass production and processing enterprises have begun to focus on low-energy and energy-saving glass production process equipment. Tempered glass production process is mainly divided into cutting, grinding, cleaning, heating, cooling these five steps, many manufacturers still use manual cutting, basically not energy consumption, grinding and cleaning energy consumption is generally not much, belong to the early processing process, in tempered glass production accounted for the main energy consumption is the glass heating and cooling process. Experimental data show that it accounts for more than 95% of the entire production energy consumption. In this way, the requirements for the tempering furnace of the glass production line are very high, and a glass tempering furnace with stable performance and low power consumption will help the glass processing and production enterprises to survive the industry rectification period.

Industry to capacity supervision to start far-map technology to win the market with energy-saving advantages

Taking the tempered glass market with high demand and representative 5mm tempered glass as an example, comparing the energy consumption of different brands of glass tempering furnaces, it was found that the energy-saving glass tempering furnace of Yuantu Technology had reached a low energy consumption level of 2.47 degrees per square meter in the government inspection of the plexiglass industry as early as 2015. The entire industry of glass tempering furnace 5mm tempered glass per square meter power consumption is between 3.5-4.5 degrees. It seems that the industry's capacity supervision activities will further promote the upgrading and adjustment of the tempered glass production and processing line. Yuantu Technology's energy-saving glass tempering furnace with its outstanding energy-saving advantages will occupy a strong competitive advantage in the future market.