Intelligent operation of tempered glass with a yield of up to 99%

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Analyze the role played in the process of glass tempering furnace

People's demand for glass products and product quality put forward higher requirements. In the late 1960s, glass tempering furnace technology was rapidly and comprehensively promoted and popularized all over the world, and tempered glass began to be used in the fields of automobiles, construction, aviation and electronics. Today, the application of tempered glass has been extended to the furniture manufacturing industry, home appliance manufacturing industry, instrument industry, daily products industry and solar energy, wind power generation and other new energy industries, the future demand and demand of glass products will be greater. For more information, please log in Suizhong Yuantu Technology In the process of tempered glass processing, glass tempering furnace plays a decisive role. The main process is the selection of glass, cutting, edging, cleaning and drying, tempering, inspection and packaging, of which the tempering process of glass tempering furnace is the most energy-consuming link. In this link, the glass needs to be heated to 630 ° C, at this time the temperature in the furnace generally reaches 680 ~ 700 ° C, when the glass is heated to the required temperature, the glass is quickly and evenly cooled to room temperature, so that the glass surface produces compressive stress and the inner layer produces tensile stress, to achieve the effect of glass tempering.