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Multi-station heating technology of glass tempering furnace

The multi-station heating technology of glass tempering furnace not only has remarkable energy-saving effect, but also reduces the blasting phenomenon of glass tempering furnace to a great extent. The station of the glass tempering furnace refers to the reciprocating swing of the glass with the same specifications in the respective area along the length direction of the furnace body, the completion of the preset running time in the respective area, the glass is heated to the corresponding temperature requirements, and then moved to the next station. Finnish Lagestone company first put into use a double-chamber glass tempering furnace, that is, a 2-station heating furnace, the double-chamber glass tempering furnace produces significantly better glass quality, faster production rate, and significantly reduced energy consumption. The multi-station heating technology has been studied more deeply in our country. For example, the Fujian Provincial Institute of Mechanical Science has made great progress in the research on the time and energy consumption of glass heating in the glass tempering furnace, successfully completed the 8-station heating zone and the "single-bend" bending zone design, compared with the faster 4-station tempering furnace in China, the production speed is doubled, the energy consumption is reduced by more than 45%, and the product pass rate is increased to 98%. That's an increase of 3%. At present, the design level of tempering furnace is different, and the manufacturing process is also different, but the time of glass entering the oven is similar. In the heating process, the thicker the glass heating time is longer, heating due to the internal temperature of the glass is relatively slow, the surface of the glass and the internal temperature difference, when the surface of the glass and the internal temperature difference exceeds 80 ° C, it may explode the furnace. For multi-station glass tempering furnace, the more stations, the smaller the temperature difference. For the 8-station glass tempering furnace, it does not need to cool the tempering furnace first because the temperature difference between the furnace and the glass is too large, and then heat up, thereby saving electric energy. Therefore, the multi-station heating technology of glass tempering furnace plays an important role in the energy saving and emission reduction of glass processing enterprises. (Liaoning Suizhong Far Tu Science and Technology news, log on to the official website to see more tempering furnace information