Intelligent operation of tempered glass with a yield of up to 99%

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Innovation and energy saving research and development to win the quality

After years of dedicated research and repeated experiments, Yuantu technical team launched a new generation of energy-saving high-stress fireproof glass tempering furnace in 2021. This tempering furnace integrates the core technology of energy saving of Yuantu tempering furnace, solves the world problem of high stress fireproof glass and high energy consumption, and lays a solid foundation for energy saving and emission reduction and the popularity of building fireproof glass; This tempering furnace can not only toughen traditional architectural glass, single silver, double silver lowE glass, but also toughen ultra-thin tempered glass and ordinary fireproof glass, high boron fireproof glass, lowe fireproof glass, fire time up to more than 3 hours, fire detection pass rate can reach 100%. All staff of Yuantu Technology Development Co., Ltd. are steadily moving forward along the road of energy saving, science and technology and innovation.