Intelligent operation of tempered glass with a yield of up to 99%

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How to select glass tempering furnace

The selection of glass tempering furnace must first start from the market requirements, and select the market direction that you want to enter. The following are commonly used selection reference standards:
(1) Building engineering glass, generally requires a thickness of 5MM to start, if there is Low-e glass, should choose a larger width, higher loading rate of convective glass tempering furnace;
(2) Interior decoration, sliding door glass generally requires a thickness of -4MM to start, no Low-e demand, you can choose moderate width, good loading rate radiation glass tempering furnace;
(3) Home appliance glass generally uses thin glass, small size, high quality requirements, according to the output requirements can choose small size single chamber, double chamber or continuous glass tempering furnace;
(4) Solar photovoltaic glass, generally using a thickness of 2.8MM-3.2MM thin glass, fixed size, large output, this situation is suitable for continuous glass tempering furnace;
(5) Automobiles, instruments and other special glass, need to use special tempering furnace.
The market direction is determined, and the performance of the glass tempering furnace is determined, coupled with the capacity requirements of the operators' psychological expectations, the model of the glass tempering furnace is completed, and the corresponding configuration can also be determined.
But a glass tempering processing enterprise, not only need to consider equipment, but also need to consider other relevant factors, such as:
1, and equipment, production capacity to match the production site: not only to meet the placement of equipment, but also to consider the space required for production, original pieces and finished products.
2, and equipment capacity matching transformer power: the power is small, the equipment can not operate normally, the power is large, will produce a lot of useless basic electricity, waste money.
Next, we also have to consider the problems faced by glass deep processing enterprises in specific operation.
1, the quality of the finished product of the glass tempering furnace, the yield, whether the tempered glass is flat, whether the number of particles is up to standard, the breakage rate, etc.
2, the intelligent degree of operation of glass tempering furnace.
3, the operating stability of glass tempering furnace.
4, glass tempering furnace after-sales maintenance, in fact, if the correct choice, the correct operation of the glass tempering furnace is almost no problem.
5, the energy saving of glass tempering furnace, which is also the most important selection criteria in the operation of glass deep processing enterprises, as a production enterprise with high power consumption, the production of more than 1 KWH of electricity per square meter is equal to earning a dollar.
6, in the case of sufficient funds, it is best to choose a large glass tempering furnace that can complete the output in 8-10 hours of the trough price, saving production costs.
The tempering furnace is determined according to its actual production needs and future development planning, whether the funds are sufficient or not, and the route determination of the later development planning affect the selection of the tempering furnace. It is best to find a professional to do a detailed market analysis before purchasing. Do not simply hear which brand is good blindly follow the trend of choice, the final loss can only be their own, when the enterprise is running to find the problem, regret it is too late, it is best to similar market positioning of the glass tempering factory field investigation to understand.