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Tempering furnace about the reasonable choice of accessories

It is one of the main production and processing links of glass production, and has been widely used in industrial development for many years. However, a whole tempering furnace is integrated by a large number of accessories, tempering furnace accessories and accessories selection and its role, the following do a detailed introduction. Tempering furnace accessories are mainly composed of four parts: discharge section, convection heating section, flat tempering section, and taking section, as well as high pressure centrifugal fan, air supply pipeline, bellows, gas path, electrical control cabinet, operating table, etc. The release section is mainly composed of four parts: steel rubber table, lifting table, side roll system and roller table diameter. The heating section is mainly composed of heating furnace body, transmission system and lifting system. The flat tempering section is mainly composed of a cooling grid, a conveying roller table and a bellows collector. The fragment is basically the same as the fragment, which is the basic composition of the accessories of a horizontal roller table segment, mainly these. However, when choosing, we must understand the types of glass products we mainly do, different kinds of glass need different construction methods, temperature, wind are different, which involves the choice of accessories is not the same.